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Mężczyźni niosący paczki


Nowadays, having a complementary product offer is the basis of a strong brand. If you want to gain new customers, it is worth considering the introduction of functional ready meals, which are a perfect complement to the specialist offer. We have introduced several dozen foreign projects to the markets in Poland and Europe, which have been successfully completed.

Why is it worth offering Joyfood ready meals?

Functional values

ready meals sought by customers of specialized categories

Clean label

a must-have nowadays, which is the basis of customer trust

Ease of logistics and transportation

our products are perfect for various sales models, including e-commerce and export

Implementation speed

we offer the use of the current database of several dozen products, thanks to which you will quickly introduce the product to your offer

Individual solutions

- our R&D department can develop dedicated solutions for you that will make your offer stand out on the market


we help at all stages of implementation

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