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We owe the durability of our dishes to the use of advanced technological solutions in the area of preparation, preservation (thermal preservation) and packaging of products.


By controlling all stages, we are able to create a product that meets stringent quality standards and meets the expectations of our customers.

High barrier packaging

the tray and the upper foil are made of so-called high-barrier materials - which, like glass or metal, limit the influence of the external environment on the product. They are made of food-neutral materials that are completely safe for the customer and allow the dish to be heated in a microwave oven and stored at room temperature.

tacka_transparent_strona_ kopia.jpg

The process of thermal fixation

In order to achieve the durability of our ready meals, we use a sterilization process, which consists in briefly heating the meal to high temperature, thanks to which the product is deprived of all microflora, microorganisms, both vegetative forms and spores - these are the necessary conditions for the product to have a sufficiently long shelf life and required no chemical maintenance.


Controlled production conditions

each stage of production is carefully monitored by the appropriate department. We regularly test the raw materials used in production,   and all components undergo rigorous quality audits and have the necessary documentation. We verify our products in terms of the presence of foreign bodies, tightness and appearance. We have a BRC (British Retail Consortium) quality certificate with a rating of 2021 AA- [link] confirming the highest quality and safety of our products.

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